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Потребител: STARk

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Complaint for ban RESPAWN

Мнение от STARk » ср, 13 ное 2019, 20:33

1. Your nickname: ST4Rk
2. Reason: The admin on this server first slayed me without a reason, I was just playing, I wasn't talking anything. He didn't said anything, after few minutes he banned me just because I was playing good, the reason he gave is Wallhack. I don't know how you do things here, but it's not ok to ban me without proof, I'm not a cheater and I never cheated in my life.
3. Nickname of the admin: Asterix
4. Server: RESPAWN
5. Proof with DEMO: If I knew he's gonna ban me I would have recorded it

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Потребител: FireFox

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Status: Извън линия

Re: Complaint for ban RESPAWN

Мнение от FireFox » ср, 13 ное 2019, 20:49

If you want complain from anything, you should be have and give us demo file. Without demo, your complain is invalid!

Use this thread for example. Just use google translate for it.


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