Пълен списък с всички разширения в phpBB България

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Пълен списък на всички налични разширения в phpBB България до момента!

Разширения [3.2.x]

Username Colour Changer
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Simple mentions
Subscribe Topic in footer
Mark Post Unread
Fa Fa roll effect
Topic Views
Wait before registration
Delete Inactive Users
Copyright Extended
Cookie Settings
Link menu
Groups Page
Button index
Coin index
Hide code for guests
Tabbed Profiles
Chrome scroll bars
Confirm Username
Quotes Collection
Download Database
Top Stats
New topic
Set forum width
National Flags
Highlight Posts
Forum Countdown
Username BBCode
Live time clock
Newest Members
Private Message info
Member time counter
Welcome on index
Total Active Extensions
Post Author
Disable Cache
Light-Dark Extension
Username Colour Changer
Read Members PM
Memberlist Avatar
Did You Know
Form Maker/Creator

Разширения [3.3.x]

[BETA] Admin dashboard
[BETA] Video blog gallery
Announcement on Index
Show debug info in footer
[RC] Upload Extensions
Profile Admin Information
HTML email
Add Bot
htaccess Editor
Admin Notes
Singapore slinger
Notify Admin on Registration
Hide url for guests
Missing files

Разширения [3.1.x/3.2.x]

Support Ticket
MODx commands
Travis BBcode
Username BBCode
Profilefield Image URL
Hide Birthdays
Newest Members
Posting reset button
New Topic
System Info
Fixed footer navbar

Разширения [3.2.x/3.3.x]

[RC] Advanced Points System
phpBB Studio - No Re:
Simple Spoiler BBCode
Image Alternate Text
Auto-lock Topics
SEO Metadata
Breizh Ajax Preview
Download system
Hide Quick Reply Editor
My Quick Links
Member Avatar & Status
Youtube Videos Gallery
File Upload
Reading progressbar
Ultimate Points Extension
Dark Mode
Topic Age Day
System Info
Js replace broken images
UCP Sidebar
Browser Fonts
Script loader
[RC] Advanced Shop System 🛒
[RC] Dice rolls
Topic Cement Style
Board3 Portal Lottery Module
Email List
Editor extension
Fancy stats
Member Profile Views
Reply to see content
Wallet index
Colour forum Category
Topic Index
Smilies Scroll Box
Forum post Bot
Custom Header Logo
Ultimate Points Auto Groups
Download limit
Paypal Donation
Partner Page
Pay for download
Posting Buttons
Ultimate Blog
Who Visited This Topic
Better Ranks
Image Upload

Разширения [3.1.x/3.2.x/3.3.x]

NavBar Search
Google Search
Scroll Page
Password Strength
Snowstorm and Lights
Copyright in footer
Moon Phase
gn36 - Version Check Notifier
Precise Similar Topics
Topic Preview
Advanced BBCode Box 3
[BETA] Advertisement Management
phpBB SiteMaker
Special Title
Background forum
No Access

Надявам се темата да е от полза на всеки. Опитваме се да дадем най-доброто от себе си!
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